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Christiansen, M., Brown, Amanda, Kundu, S., Tutill, H., Williams, Rachel, Brown, Julianne, Holdstock, J., Holland, M., Stevenson, S., Dave, J., Tong, W., Einer-Jensen, K., Depledge, D. and Breuer, J. (2014) Whole-genome enrichment and sequencing of Chlamydia trachomatis directly from clinical samples. BMC Infectious Diseases, 14 (591). ISSN 1471-2334.


Depledge, D., Gray, E., Kundu, S., Cooray, S., Poulsen, A., Aaby, P. and Breuer, J. (2014) Evolution of cocirculating Varicella-Zoster Virus genotypes during a Chickenpox outbreak in Guinea-Bissau. Journal of Virology, 88 (24). pp. 13936-13946. ISSN 0022-538X.

Depledge, D., Kundu, S., Jensen, N., Gray, E., Jones, Meleri, Steinberg, S., Gershon, A., Kinchington, P., Schmid, S., Balloux, Francois, Nichols, R. and Breuer, J. (2014) Deep sequencing of viral genomes provides insight into the evolution and pathogenesis of Varicella Zoster Virus and its vaccine in humans. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 31 (2). pp. 397-409. ISSN 0737-4038.


Kundu, S., Faulkes, C., Greenwood, A., Jones, C., Kaiser, P., Lyne, O., Black, S., Chowrimootoo, A. and Groombridge, J. (2012) Tracking viral evolution during a disease outbreak: the rapid and complete selective sweep of a Circovirus in the endangered Echo parakeet. Journal of Virology, 86 (9). pp. 5221-5229. ISSN 0022-538X.

Kundu, S., Lockwood, J., Depledge, D., Chaudhry, Y., Aston, A., Rao, K., Hartley, J., Goodfellow, I. and Breuer, J. (2013) Next-generation whole genome sequencing identifies the direction of Norovirus transmission in linked patients. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 57 (3). pp. 407-414. ISSN 1058-4838.


Mir, R., Karim, S., Kamal, M. A., Wilson, C. and Mirza, Z. (2016) Conotoxins: structure, therapeutic potential and pharmacological applications. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 22 (5). pp. 582-589. ISSN 1381-6128.


Norberg, P., Depledge, D., Kundu, S., Atkinson, C., Brown, Julianne, Haque, T., Hussaini, Y., MacMohan, E., Molyneaux, P., Papaevangelou, V., Sengupta, N., Koay, E., Tang, J., Underhill, G., Grahn, A., Studahl, M., Breuer, J. and Bergstrom, T. (2015) Recombination of globally circulating Varicella Zoster Virus. Journal of Virology.

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