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Bohnel, H., Morales, J., Caballero, C., Alva, L., McIntosh, G., Gonzalez, S. and Sherwood, G. (1997) Variation of rock magnetic parameters and paleointensities over a single holocene lava flow. Journal of Geomagnetism and Geoelectricity, 49 (4). pp. 523-542. ISSN 0022-1392.


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Catanzariti, G., McIntosh, G., Osete, M., Nakamura, T., Rakowski, A., Ramirez Gonzalez, I. and Lanos, P. (2007) A comparison of radiocarbon and archaeomagnetic dating from an archaeological site in Spain. Radiocarbon, 49 (2). pp. 543-550. ISSN 0033-8222.


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Heslop, D., McIntosh, G. and Dekkers, M. (2004) Using time- and temperature-dependent Preisach models to investigate the limitations of modelling isothermal remanent magnetization acquisition curves with cumulative log Gaussian functions. Geophysical Journal International, 157 (1). pp. 55-63. ISSN 0956-540X.

Hounslow, M., McIntosh, G., Edwards, R., Laming, D. and Karloukovski, V. (2017) End of the Kiaman Superchron in the Permian of SW England: Magnetostratigraphy of the Aylesbeare Mudstone and Exeter groups. Journal of the Geological Society, 174 (1). pp. 56-74. ISSN 0016-7649.


Lopez-Sanchez, J., McIntosh, G., Osete, M., del Campo, A., Villalain, J., Perez, L., Kovacheva, M. and Rodriguez de la Fuente, O. (2017) Epsilon iron oxide: origin of the high coercivity stable low Curie temperature magnetic phase found in heated archeological materials. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 18. pp. 2646-2656. ISSN 1525-2027.


McIntosh, G., Rolph, T., Shaw, J. and Dagley, P. (1996) A detailed record of normal-reversed-polarity transition obtained from a thick loess sequence at Jiuzhoutai, near Lanzhou, China. Geophysical Journal International, 127 (3). pp. 651-664. ISSN 0956-540X.

Molina-Cardin, A, Campuzano, S., Osete, M.L., Rivero-Montero, M, Pavon-Carrasco, F., Palencia-Ortas, A., Martin-Hernandez, F., Gomez-Paccard, M., Chauvin, A., Guerrero-Suarez, S, Perez-Fuentes, J.C, McIntosh, G., Catanzariti, G., Sastre Blanco, J.C, Larrazabal, J., Fernandez Martinez, V.M, Alvarez Sanchis, J.R, Rodriguez-Hernandez, J, Martin Viso, I and Garcia i Rubert, D (2018) Updated Iberian archeomagnetic catalogue: new full vector paleosecular variation curve for the last three millennia. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. ISSN 1525-2027.


Palencia-Ortas, A., Ruiz-Martinez, V., Villalain, J., Osete, M., Vegas, R., Touil, A., Hafid, A., McIntosh, G., van Hinsbergen, D. and Torsvik, T. (2011) A new 200 Ma paleomagnetic pole for Africa, and paleo-secular variation scatter from Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) intrusives in Morocco (Ighrem and Foum Zguid dykes). Geophysical Journal International, 185 (3). pp. 1220-1234. ISSN 0956-540X.

Pavon-Carrasco, F., Osete, M., Campuzano, S., McIntosh, G. and Martin-Hernandez, F. (2015) Recent developments in archeomagnetism: the story of the Earth's past magnetic field. In: Eppelbaum, L., ed. New Developments in Paleomagnetism Research. Earth Sciences in the 21st Century. New York: Nova Publishers. pp. 99-158 ISBN 9781634831567

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