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Almond, M. (2018) Doing Shakespeare: from page to stage. In: Drama in Foreign Language Education, 5 March 2018, Munich, Germany.

Almond, M. (2015) A process approach to drama in language teaching. In: The Pilgrims Conference in Humanism in Language Teaching, 26th-29th August, 2015, Portonovo, Italy.

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Overall, S. (2017) Crater to mound. In: Crater to Mound, 4th November 2017, Sidney Cooper Centre, Canterbury.

Overall, S. (2018) Deep observation. In: Wealden Literary Festival, 30th June - 1st July, 2018, Woodchurch, Ashford, Kent.

Overall, S. (2017) Don't walk that way: why heritage sites need psychogeography. In: TAG 2017, 18-20 December 2017, Cardiff University. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. (2017) Drift deck. n/a. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. (2017) Looking though psychogeography-tinted glasses: walking, reading and writing place. In: English Literature & Creative and Professional Writing Research Forum, 1st March 2017, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Overall, S. (2017) Mishtory Tour. In: Mishtory Tour, 9-10 Sept 2017, Huddersfield, UK. [Show/Exhibition] (Submitted)

Overall, S. (2017) Orcadian graffiti. Royal Geographical Society.

Overall, S. (2018) Psycho geography: the monstrous everyday. In: Faculty of Arts and Humanities Annual Conference: Landscape, 30th May 2018, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Overall, S. (2016) Walk Like Wells. In: Walk Like Wells, 19 Nov 2016, Folkestone, Kent. [Show/Exhibition] (Submitted)

Overall, S. (2016) Walking Heritage: Not the blue plaque tour of Sandwich. Heritage Lottery Fund; BASH.

Overall, S. (2016) Walking Heritage: Sandwich safari. Heritage Lottery Fund; BASH. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. (2016) Walking Heritage: buggy walk. Heritage Lottery Fund; BASH. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. (2016) Walking Heritage: discovering Sandwich. Heritage Lottery Fund; BASH. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. (2016) Walking Heritage: ghost pub crawl. Heritage Lottery Fund; BASH.

Overall, S. (2016) Walking Heritage: noon & night walk. Heritage Lottery Fund; BASH. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. (2016) Walking backwards: psychogeographical approaches to heritage. In: CHAT2016: Rurality, 21-23 Oct 2016, University of the Highlands and Islands, Kirkwall, Orkney. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. (2016) Walking heritage: creative writing walkshop. In: Walking Heritage: Creative Writing Walkshop, 18th September 2016, Sandwich.

Overall, S. (2016) Walking heritage: sound map walkshop. In: Walking Heritage: Sound Map Walkshop, 17th September 2016, Sandwich.

Overall, S. (2016) Walking making thinking. In: Walking Women, 11-17th July 2016, Somerset House, London. [Show/Exhibition]

Overall, S. (2017) Walking with Riddley. In: A Sense of Place, 22-23 June 2017, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Overall, S. (2017) Walkshop and soundshot - Wealden Literary Festival. In: Walkshop & Soundshot, 16th July 2017, Woodchurch TN26 3RA.

Overall, S. (2015) The labyrinth: contained walking, creative thinking. In: Re-enchanting the Academy, 25th-27th September, 2015, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, UK. (Unpublished)

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Overall, S. (2017) Drift Deck interactive workshop. In: Drift Deck Public Workshop, 12th October 2017, Kentish Town, London. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. and Penfold, E (2018) Augustine Tower labyrinth. In: Friends of Interpretable Spaces, October 2018, Hackney, London.. [Show/Exhibition]

Overall, S. and Penfold, E. (2018) Treading and threading the labyrinth. In: 4th World Congress of Psychogeography, 7-8th September 2018, Huddersfield, UK.

Overall, S. (2016) Walking Heritage: Walking sideways in Sandwich. Heritage Lottery Fund; BASH.

Overall, S. (2016) Walking Heritage: reading buildings. Heritage Lottery Fund; BASH. (Unpublished)


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Waters, B. and Fernholz, J. (2019) The art of abstract writing. In: Association of Law Teachers Conference, 8th and 9th April 2019, De Montfort University.

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