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Abiker, K. (2012) Nicholas Brourriaud relational aesthetics. In: Pooke, G. and Newall, D., eds. Fifty key texts in art history. Routledge. ISBN 9780415497701


Ball, Rob (2012) Paper round. In: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, 2012, The Royal Academy, London. [Show/Exhibition]

Ball, Rob (2015) Paradigm lecture series: Rob Ball. In: Paradigm Lecture Series: Rob Ball, 23rd April, 2015, University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

Ball, Rob (2017) The itinerant, Margate Festival 2017. In: The Itinerant, 8th July - 6th August 21017, Margate. [Show/Exhibition]


Chatziefstathiou, D., Iliopoulou, E. and Magkou, M. (2018) UrbanDig Project: sport practices and artistic interventions for co-creating urban space. Sport in Society. ISSN 1743-0437.


Frost, J. (2008) The Grand Tour as a secular pilgrimage. In: Dimensions of Pilgrimage, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Frost, J. (2013) Introduction to 'From Grimm to Reality'. In: Stone, H., ed. From Grimm to Reality. Canterbury: Canterbury Christ Church University. pp. 4-8 ISBN 9781909067103

Frost, J. (2014) Ship swallower. [Image] (Unpublished)

Frost, J. (2011) Stanley Spencer's War Memorial: a celebration of simple pleasures. In: Faculty of Arts and Humanities 2nd Annual Conference: War, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Frost, J. (2018) Viola no.2. [Image] (Unpublished)

Frost, J. (2012) The thinking line: defining drawing. In: Stone, H., ed. The Thinking Line. Canterbury: Canterbury Christ Church University. pp. 8-11 ISBN 97818899253920


Hall, M. (2016) Dream vessels. In: Radio V and A, 26/2/16, The V and A Museum. [Artefact]

Hall, M. (2015) Dreamlands commissions (2014-15). In: Dreamlands Commissions, April 2014- Dec 2015, Worldwide. [Show/Exhibition]

Hall, M. (2016) Dreamspace (2016). In: Jerwood Open Forest 2016, Nov 2nd - Dec 11th, 2016, Jerwood Gallery, Jerwood Space, 171 Union St, London SE1 0LN. [Artefact]

Hall, M. (2018) Dreamspace 2 (2018). In: Art for the Environment Exhibition, 26 January – 18 March 2018, Nunnery Gallery, Bow Arts,181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ. [Artefact]

Hall, M. (2016) Expanding conceptions of sound: radio art as post digital practice. In: Sound Art Matters, june 1st - 4th 2016, Kunst Haus Gallery Aarhus DK Aarhus University. (Unpublished)

Hall, M. (2014) FM micro transmitter workshop. In: FM Micro Transmitter Workshop, 24th January 2014, The Beaney Museum, House of Art and Knowledge Canterbury,.

Hall, M. (2016) Forest radio callsigns. In: Jerwood Open Forest (2016), Nov 2nd - Dec 11th, 2016,, Jerwood Space London, 171 Union St, London SE1 0LN. [Artefact]

Hall, M. (2014) Hear. Now. Where? A participatory sonic taxi ambulation curated by Saout Radio, at the 5th Biennale of Marrakech. In: here. now. where?, 25th February-2nd March, 2014, 5th Biennial of Marrakech. [Artefact]

Hall, M. (2018) It’s on your head, it’s in your head: the artistic exploration of radio as material reflections on post-digital practice. In: Ignacio Gallego, J., Fernandez-Sande, M. and Limon, N., eds. Trends in Radio Research: Diversity, Innovation and Policies. Cambridge Scholars. pp. 151-159 ISBN 9781527513495

Hall, M. (2015) Keynote net station international conference, University of University of Minho, Bragga Portugal. In: Net Station International Radio Conference, 23-24 April 2015, University of Minho. (Unpublished)

Hall, M. (2014) Live radio interview at festival with audience. In: Tone Festival, 22nd June 2014, Tone Festival.

Hall, M. (2015) Magz Hall radio art research and practice - the sound of story 2015. In: The Sound Of Story 2015, 17th -18th 2016, Lighthouse Arts Brighton Pavilion. (Unpublished)

Hall, M. (2016) Mini FM transmitter-building workshop. In: Mini FM Transmitter-Building Workshop with Magz Hall, 28th Nov 2016, Jerwood Space, London. (Unpublished)

Hall, M. (2014) Outside sounds. In: Outside Sounds, 6th sept 2014, Extrapool, Nijmegen, Holland (Unpublished)

Hall, M. (2015) Overview of my radio art practice. In: Radio // Future Sounds Conference, 24th sept 2015, Brighton Digital Festival. (Unpublished)

Hall, M. (2017) Pirate radio workshop (Mini FM). In: Manchester Science Festival, 22nd Oct 2017, Museum of Science and Industry, Liverpool Road, M3 4FP Manchester, United Kingdom. (Unpublished)

Hall, M. (2017) Playback room sessions. In: Playback Room Talk, 27th Feb 2017, Tate Modern London. (Unpublished)

Hall, M. (2014) Radio Recall. In: UNSPECIFIED. [Artefact]

Hall, M. (2016) Radio Yak: Magz Hall. [Audio]

Hall, M. (2017) Radio art for the environment, radio art outside: dissolving the technological footprint of mixed media sound installations. In: Sound and the Environment, 29th June 2nd of July, University of Hull. (Unpublished)

Hall, M. (2015) ‘Radio play: voice as material’. In: Critical Waves, 26th March 2015, ICA, London. (Unpublished)

Hall, M. (2016) Radio reborn: radio art across borders. In: Transnational Radio Encounters, 5th - 8th July 2016, University of Utrecht. (Unpublished)

Hall, M. (2014) Radio recall installation. In: Radio Arts Showcase, 19th April-27th April 2014, Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, Canterbury. [Artefact]

Hall, M. (2012) SOUND::GENDER::FEMINISM::ACTIVISM - do you trust me - scientific research reaffirming vocal gender. In: SOUND::GENDER::FEMINISM::ACTIVISM 2013, 7th May 2013, London College of Communications.

Hall, M. (2014) Siren workshop. In: Siren Workshop, 1st Jan 2015, Whitstable Biennale.

Hall, M. (2014) Spiritual Radio (2014). In: Unbinding The Book, 26th-28th September, 2014, Whitechapel Gallery, London. [Artefact]

Hall, M. (2015) Spiritual Radio (2014). In: The Engine Room International Sound Art Exhibition, May 12th - June 12th, 2015, Morley Gallery, London. [Artefact]

Hall, M. (2018) Transmission spores (2018). In: The Ash Archive, Jan 18 – April 14th 2018, Studio 3 Gallery Jarman Building, Kent University. [Artefact]

Hall, M. (2015) Tree radio. Reflections on Process in Sound, 4. pp. 80-87.

Hall, M. (2016) Voicing gender. In: Subversion of Reality, 22nd – 27th August, Place Des Arts, 175 Saint-Catherine St, Montreal, QC H2X 1Y9. [Artefact]

Hall, M. (2017) The construction of memory in radio art works. In: The Sound of Memory Symposium: Sound-track/Sound-scape, 22nd -24th April 2017, Goldmsiths College, London. (Unpublished)

Hall, M. (2018) The legacy of free radio on contemporary radio arts practice. In: The Radio Conference – A transnational Forum 2018, 10th-13th July, 2018, Monash University, Prato, Italy. (Unpublished)

Hall, M. (2015) A woman's work is never done. In: A Woman's Work is Never Done, 8 March, 2015, Google Cultural Institute (online exhibition). [Artefact]

Hall, M. and Genetic, Moo (2017) Radiolaria Aeoliae Dreaming (2017). In: Profound Sound Festival Folkestone., 3rd - 5th Feb 2017, Quarter House Folkestone. [Artefact]

Hall, M., Genetic, Moo and Backhouse, J. (2014) Radio arts showcase. In: Radio Arts Showcase, 19-27 April 2014, Beaney House of Art and Knowledge Canterbury CT1 2RA. [Show/Exhibition]

Hayhoe, S. (2015) Afterword - Visual impairment, photography and art. In: Bhowmick, P., ed. See as no other. Gurgaon, India: Partridge Press. ISBN 9781482842777

Hayhoe, S. (2015) Philosophy as disability & exclusion: the development of theories on blindness, touch and the arts in England, 1688-2010. Charlotte, North Carolina: Information Age Publishing. ISBN 9781681232348.

Hayhoe, S. (2014) An enquiry into passive and active exclusion from sensory aesthetics in museums and on the Web: two case studies of final year students at California School for the Blind studying art works through galleries and on the web. British Journal of Visual Impairment, 32 (1). pp. 44-58. ISSN 0264-6196.


Jackson, C. (2017) Evaluation report of the impact of the second year of the Community Art Studio Group initiative to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of residents in Canterbury. Research Report. ISBN 9781909067783.


Long, T. (2016) 'Goodbye Mr. Pixels'. In: Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, 13 June — 21 August 2016, Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BD. [Artefact]

Long, T. (2011) ‘Mrs. Darling’s kiss’: a group exhibition at Arch 402 Gallery in Hoxton, London. In: ‘Mrs. Darling’s Kiss’: A group exhibition at Arch 402 Gallery in Hoxton, London, 8th July - 5th August, 2011, Arch 402 Gallery, Cremer Street, London, E2 8HD. [Show/Exhibition]

Long, T., Moore, J., Wright, Matt, Hawkins, B. and Redhead, L. (2015) Performance lecture series 17th March 2015 – 6th April 2015. In: Performance Lecture Series 2015-16, 17th March - 6th April, 2015, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, Kent, UK. (Unpublished)

Lovell, J. and Murphy, O. (2018) Tapestries of authenticity: postmodernism, art-heritage and heritage arts in the Game of Thrones tapestry. The International Journal of Heritage Studies. ISSN 1352-7258. (In Press)


McLean, K. (2016) Modelling scentscape experience. In: UNSPECIFIED. [Artefact]

Meades, A. (2017) Arcade tales 4 - arcades, histories, photographs. In: UNSPECIFIED. [Artefact]

Milton, J (2013) Visionary vampires: sinking your teeth into the gothic films of Neil Jordan. Media Magazine (46).

Milton, J. (2013) Event TV: Broadchurch. Media Magazine (45).


Overall, S. (2017) Crater to mound. In: Crater to Mound, 4th November 2017, Sidney Cooper Centre, Canterbury.

Overall, S. and Penfold, E (2018) Augustine Tower labyrinth. In: Friends of Interpretable Spaces, October 2018, Hackney, London.. [Show/Exhibition]

Overall, S. and Penfold, E. (2018) Treading and threading the labyrinth. In: 4th World Congress of Psychogeography, 7-8th September 2018, Huddersfield, UK.


Shepherdson, K., Ball, Rob and Vincent, S. (2017) Between the tides: The coastal communities of Walpole Bay. In: UNSPECIFIED. [Artefact]

Stone, H. and Vale, S. (2016) Catching the light. In: Catching the Light, 26 - 27 August, Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury. [Show/Exhibition]

Symons, V., Wellesley, M. and Bintley, M. (2017) Introduction: Stasis in the Medieval West?: Questioning change and continuity. In: Bintley, M., Locker, M., Symons, V. and Wellesley, M., eds. Stasis in the Medieval West?: Questioning Change and Continuity. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 1-26 ISBN 9781349950331


Vale, S. (2015) Behind the scenes. [Video] (Unpublished)

Vale, S. (2010) Making a killing. [Image]

Vale, S. (2011) Unobtainable dreams. [Video]

Vale, S. and Carlyle, A. (2015) Loop: the stupid things that adults do. Burton Press, Canterbury Christ Church University. ISBN 9780957163768.

Vale, S. and Takvam, M. (2013) Nostalgias: visualising longing. In: Nostalgias: Visual Longing Conference, 9th-10th November, 2013, The Winter Gardens, Margate. (Unpublished)


Webley, E. (2018) Time and again: exploring the relationship between memory and stop motion animation. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Williams, C. (2016) Charles Williams: Louise Bourgeois and other stories. In: Solo exhibition at Studio 1.1 Gallery, 4 November 2016, 57A Redchurch Street, London E2 7DJ. [Show/Exhibition]

Williams, C. (2016) Paintings associated with the book 'Talking To Louise Bourgeois'. In: UNSPECIFIED. [Artefact]

Williams, C. (2017) Talking to Louise Bourgeois. London: Spiralbound Press.

Williams, C. (2016) Localism and legacy: WW1 in Faversham. In: Localism and legacy: WW1 in Faversham, 6-28 August 2016, Fleur De Lys Museum, Faversham. [Show/Exhibition]

Williams, C. and Latham, A. (2016) 'Grandfathers: painting the archive' text by Charles Williams, read by Alexis Latham. [Audio]

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