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Anderson, P. (2016) The 2016 Scottish Parliament Election: a nationalist minority, a Conservative comeback and a Labour collapse. Regional & Federal Studies. ISSN 1359-7566.

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Franz, A. (2018) Written evidence submitted to the EFRA committee inquiry into the legislation on dangerous dogs. Other. EFRA Committee website: EFRA.


Gates, J. (2018) Nostalgia and the Tea Party movement. Ph.D. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

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Hadfield, A. (2018) Battle of the unions: Brexit and the Irish border issue: a two part blog. Battle of the Unions: Brexit and the Irish Border Issue: A Two Part Blog.

Hadfield, A. (2018) Brexit: regional rebalance vs. Westminster power grab? Brexit: Regional Rebalance vs. Westminster Power Grab?.

Hadfield, A. (2018) Long read: Trudeau vs. Trump: a two-fold tale of tantrums and tariffs. CEFEUS Brexit Blog.

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