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Bristow, J. (2015) After the election: beware the politics of generationalism.

Bristow, J. (2015) Helicopter or hands-off: today’s parents can’t seem to win. The

Bristow, J. (2015) How fear of offending has trumped freedom of speech among today’s young people. The

Bristow, J. (2015) Millennial terrorism comes of age. spiked.

Bristow, J. (2015) Schooling goes back to the future. spiked.

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O'Hara, S. (2015) Organisational culture within local media and how cultural beliefs shape strategic decisions. In: Conference Negotiating Culture: Integrating Legacy and Digital Cultures in News Media, 28th-30th October, 2015, St Catherine's College, Oxford. (Unpublished)

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