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Best, R., Spears, I., Hurst, P. and Berger, N. (2018) The development of a menthol solution for use during sport and exercise. Beverages, 4 (2). p. 44. ISSN 2306-5710.

Brundle, L. (2018) The Taplow drinking horn: gripping-arm gestures and female performance in the migration period. In: Semple, S., Orsini, C. and Mui, S., eds. Life on the Edge: Social, Political and Religious Frontiers in Early Medieval Europe. Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum with the Internationales Sachsensymposion. pp. 373-381 ISBN 9783932030772

Bulaitis, J. (2018) Maurice Thorez: a biography. Communist Lives (Book 4). London: I.B. Tauris. ISBN 9781845117252.

Buurman, E. (2018) Three symphonies in one year? Beethoven’s sketches of 1812. Ad Parnassum, 16 (31). p. 128. ISSN 1722-3954.


Caldari, V., Questier, M. and Wolfson, S. (2018) Introduction. In: Caldari, V. and Wolfson, S., eds. Stuart Marriage Diplomacy. Dynastic Politics in their European Context, 1604-1630. Boydell and Brewer. ISBN 9781783271436

Capper, B. J. (2018) The Judaean cultural context of community of goods in the early Jesus movement part II. Qumran Chronicle, 26. ISSN 0867-8715. (In Press)

Ciocia, Stefania (2018) Psychopathologies of the island: curses, love and trauma in Julia Alvarez’s How the García Girls Lost their Accents and Junot Díaz’s This is How You Lose Her. Journal of Modern Literature, 41 (2). pp. 129-146. ISSN 0022-281X.

Ciocia, Stefania (2018) Female agency and identity negotiations in contemporary narratives of border crossings. In: EBAAS, 4-7 April 2018, King's College, UCL and British Library. (Unpublished)

Civale, S. (2018) Austentatious: comedy improv and Austen adaptation in the twenty-first century. Women's Writing. pp. 416-428. ISSN 0969-9082.

Civale, S. (2018) Women’s life writing and reputation: a case study of Mary Darby Robinson. Romanticism, 24 (2). pp. 191-202. ISSN 1354-991X.

Colthup, H. (2018) 'You were all the world like a beach to me' the use of second person address to create multiple worlds in literary video games: 'Dear Esther', a case study. International Journal of Transmedia Literacy, 4. ISSN 2465-2261.


Goodrum, M. (2018) Superhero films and American national identity. In: Edwards, S., Sayer, F. and Dolski, M., eds. Histories on Screen: The Past and Present in Anglo-American Cinema and Television. Bloomsbury Research Skills For History. London: Bloomsbury. pp. 235-252 ISBN 9781474217033

Goodrum, M. (2018) ‘Superman believes that a wife’s place is in the home’: Superman’s girl friend, Lois Lane and the representation of women. Gender & History, 30 (2). ISSN 1468-0424.

Grummitt, D. (2018) Flodden 1513: re-examining British warfare at the end of the Middle Ages. Journal of Military History, 82 (1). ISSN 0899-3718.


Hicks, L. (2018) A short history of the Normans. Chinese edition ed. Beijing: Chemical Industry Press. ISBN 9787122304711.

Hitchcock, D. (2018) 'He is the vagabond that hath no habitation in the Lord' the representation of Quakers as vagrants in interregnum England, 1650-1660. Cultural and Social History, 15 (1). pp. 21-37. ISSN 1478-0046.

Hitchcock, D. (2018) “Punishment is all the charity that the law affordeth them”: penal transportation, vagrancy, and the charitable impulse in the British Atlantic, c.1600-1750. New Global Studies, 12 (2). ISSN 1940-0004.


Irwin, D. (2018) The materiality of debt to Jews in England, 1194-1276. Jewish Historical Studies, 49. pp. 56-71. ISSN 0962-9696.


Jobson, A. (2018) A Queen in the shadows: Sanchia of Provence, Richard of Cornwall and a royal life unveiled. Women's History Review. ISSN 0961-2025. (In Press)

Jobson, A. (2018) William of Haverhill (d.1252): administrator. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Kemp, V. (2018) Cycles of racial violence: police brutality in the 1990s. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.


Lawson, F. (2018) Navigating the "human" and "divine" natures in a holistic world. In: European Society for the Study of Science and Theology 2018, 17-22 April 2018, Lyon, France. (Unpublished)

Lawson, F. (2018) "Not three Gods; but one" - why reductionism doesn't serve our theological discourse. Athens Journal of Humanities & Arts.

Ledwidge, M. and Parmar, I. (2018) Clash of pans: pan-Africanism and pan-Anglo-Saxonism and the global colour line, 1919–1945. International Politics, 55 (6). pp. 765-781. ISSN 1384-5748.


May, K. (2018) The Whitstable High Tide Swimming Club. London: Trapeeze at Orion Books. ISBN 9781409172383.

May, K. (2018) The electricity of every living thing: one woman’s walk with Asperger’s. London: Trapeze at Orion Books. ISBN 9781409172505.

Merchant, P. (2018) Born to blush unseen: Betty Trask in Frome. In: English Literature and Creative & Professional Writing Research Forum, 24 January 2018, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Merchant, P. (2018) Desire and disenchantment in Gautier's "Arria Marcella" and Anstey's "Siren". In: "Objects of Desire", 23rd - 25th May 2018, Lille Catholic University.

Merchant, P. (2018) "'Found out' in Dickens". In: 14th Conference of the European Society for the Study of English, 28 August - 1 September 2018, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. (Unpublished)

Merchant, P. (2018) Friedrich Dürrenmatt, “der tunnel,” and the dying of the light. In: Marcheschi, D., ed. La Favola nelle Letterature Europee. Pistoia, Italy: La Petite Plaisance. pp. 117-124 ISBN 9788875882525

Merchant, P. (2018) Laurence Sterne and the zigzagging dragonfly. In: Nicolas, D. and Herbreteau, L., eds. Pérégrinations et métamorphoses: Échanges linguistiques et littéraires entre la Grande-Bretagne et la France depuis le Moyen Âge. La Roche-sur-Yon: Presses Universitaires de l'ICES. pp. 121-132 ISBN 9782918018322

Merchant, P. (2018) "Never too late to mend: Betty Trask's cotton glove country". In: "Reassessing Women's Writing of the 1920s and 1930s", 16-17 July 2018, ICVWW, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Merchant, P. (2018) "With collies graven on his heart": The canine projections of Thomas Anstey Guthrie (1856-1934). Cahiers victoriens et édouardiens, 88. ISSN 0220-5610.

Minogue, S. and Palmer, A. (2018) The remembered dead: poetry, memory and the First World War. First ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781108428675.


Newman, K. (2018) How effective was the drone campaign in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia throughout Barack Obama’s presidency, 2009 – 2017? M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Norman, R. P. (2018) The great sacrifice: G. M. Hopkins, H. P. Liddon, and the divine victim. The Hopkins Quarterly, XLV (1-2). pp. 15-48. ISSN 0094-9084.

Norman, R. P. (2018) The law of sacrifice: G. M. Hopkins, H. S. Holland, and Oxford Anglicanism. Religion and the Arts, 22 (4). pp. 405-428. ISSN 1079-9265.


Oulton, C. (2018) ‘”The ideal was not there”: making peace with Dickensian Kent’. In: Victorian Popular Fiction Association Conference: War and Peace, 3-7 July 2018, Institute of English Studies, Senate House, London.

Oulton, C. (2018) “licking the chops of memory”: plotting the social sins of Jekyll and Hyde’. Humanities, 7 (2). ISSN 2076-0787.

Overall, S. (2018) Deep observation. In: Wealden Literary Festival, 30th June - 1st July, 2018, Woodchurch, Ashford, Kent.

Overall, S. (2018) Psycho geography: the monstrous everyday. In: Faculty of Arts and Humanities Annual Conference: Landscape, 30th May 2018, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Overall, S. (2018) Psycho geography? on the trail of the monster. In: Performance Lecture Series: 'Frankenstein's Monster Reborn', 25 January - 8 February 2018, Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. (2018) Women writing panel. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. and Henley, L. (2018) Walking with women's suffrage in Margate. In: POW! Thanet, 6-11 March 2018, Margate. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. and Penfold, E (2018) Augustine Tower labyrinth. In: Friends of Interpretable Spaces, October 2018, Hackney, London.. [Show/Exhibition]

Overall, S. and Penfold, E. (2018) Treading and threading the labyrinth. In: 4th World Congress of Psychogeography, 7-8th September 2018, Huddersfield, UK.


Prince, S. (2018) Against ethnicity: democracy, equality, and the Northern Irish conflict. Journal of British Studies. ISSN 0021-9371.


Ravenwood, V. (2018) William Lane’s “horrid” writers: an exploration of violence in the Minerva Press Gothic, 1790–1799. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Revell, S. (2018) The 1953 coup in Iran: U.S. and British foreign policy in Iran, 1951-1953 and the covert operation to overthrow the elected government of Mohammad Mosaddeq. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Russell, J. (2018) Generation Y and the Church of England: alternative spiritualities and ecumenical turns. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.


Seaman, A. (2018) Landscape, economy and society in late and Post-Roman Wales. In: UNSPECIFIED, ed. Interpreting Transformations of People and Landscapes in Late Antiquity. Oxbow. ISBN 9781789250343

Seaman, A. (2018) Landscape, settlement and agriculture in early medieval Brycheiniog: the evidence from the Llandaff charters. In: Comeau, R. and Seaman, A., eds. Living off the Land: Agriculture in Wales c. 400 to 1600 AD. Windgather Press. ISBN 9781911188391

Seaman, A. (2018) Power, place and territory in early medieval South-East Wales. In: Carroll, J., Reynolds, A. and Yorke, B., eds. Power and Place in Early Medieval Europe. Proceedings of the British Academy. London: British Academy. (In Press)

Seaman, A. (2018) The church of Julius, Aaron, and Alban at Caerleon. The Monmouthshire Antiquary, 34. pp. 3-16. ISSN 1359-9062.

Seaman, A. and Comeau, R. (2018) Introduction. In: Comeau, R. and Seaman, A., eds. Living off the Land: Agriculture in Wales c. 400 to 1600 AD. Windgather Press.

Seaman, A. and Lane, A. (2018) The Dinas Powys ‘Southern Banks’: excavations of the Ty’n y Coed earthworks 2011–14. Archaeologia Cambrensis, 168. ISSN 0306-6924. (In Press)

Sibbesson, E., Sibbesson, E. and Bickle, P., eds. (2018) Neolithic bodies. Oxbow Books. ISBN 9781785709012.

Sweetinburgh, S. (2018) Religious women in the landscape: their roles in medieval Canterbury and its hinterland. In: Blud, V., Heath, D. and Klafter, J., eds. Gender: Places, Spaces and Thresholds. London: Institute of Historical Research. pp. 8-18 ISBN 9781909646841


Watts, M. (2018) Peterloo. In: Whitstable History Society, 6 November 2018, Whitstable Baptist Church.

Watts, M. (2018) The Royal Marines and the War at sea 1939-45. In: Book Launch -The Royal Marines and the War at Sea 1939-45, 21 February 2018, CCCU. (Unpublished)

Watts, M. (2018) The Royal Marines and the war at sea 1939-45 - Shepherds Well History Society. In: The Royal Marines and the War at Sea 1939-45, 26 April 2018, Shepherds Well Village Hall. (Unpublished)

Watts, M. (2018) The Royal Marines and the war at sea 1939-45. In: Whitstable Probus - The Royal Marines and the War at Sea 1939-45, 8 May 2018, Marine Hotel Tankerton. (Unpublished)

Watts, M. (2018) The Royal Marines and the war at sea 1939-45. Stroud, Gloucestershire: Amberley Publishing. ISBN 9781445663180.

Watts, M. (2018) Sheppey Little Theatre - The Royal Marines and the war at sea 1939-45. In: Sheppey Little Theatre -The Royal Marines and the War at Sea 1939-45, 8 August 2018, Sheppey Little Theatre, Meyrick Road, Sheerness. (Unpublished)

Williams, E. (2018) Knowledge wars: professionalisation, organisational justice and competing knowledge paradigms in British Policing. In: Huey, L. and Mitchell, R., eds. Evidence-Based Policing: An Introduction. policy press. ISBN 9781447339755

Williams, Ellie (2018) Medieval monastic text and the treatment of the dead: an archaeothanatological perspective on adherence to the cluniac customaries. In: Hausmair, B., Jervis, B, Nugent, R. and Williams, Ellie, eds. Archaeologies of Rules and Regulation: Between Text and Practice. Berghahn Books. ISBN 9781785337659

Williams, Ellie (2018) Review article of Howard Williams and Melanie Giles, eds. Archaeologists and the dead: mortuary archaeology in contemporary society (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016). European Journal of Archaeology, 21 (3). pp. 475-479. ISSN 1461-9571.

Wolfson, S. (2018) 'Practical proselytising: the impact of counter-Reformation Catholicism at the Caroline court, 1625-1626'. In: Caldari, V. and Wolfson, S., eds. Stuart Marriage Diplomacy. Dynastic Politics in their European Context, 1604-1630. Boydell and Brewer. ISBN 9781783271436

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