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Dalton, P. (2017) After Hastings: William the Conqueror's invasion campaign, 15 October-25 December 1066. Viator: Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 48 (2). pp. 139-178. ISSN 0083-5897.

Hannon, N., Rohl, D. and Wilson, Lyn (2017) The Antonine wall distance slabs and LiDAR as metric survey: shedding new light on a world heritage site. Journal of Roman Archaeology, 30. pp. 447-468. ISSN 1047-7594.

Irwin, D. (2017) From archae to archives. Archives: The Journal of the British Records Association, 52 (134). pp. 1-11. ISSN 0003-9535.

Ledwidge, M. and Parmar, I. (2017) Conceptualising and historicising the US foreign policy establishment in a racialised class structure. International Politics, 54 (3). pp. 306-321. ISSN 1384-5748.

Ledwidge, M. and Parmar, I. (2017) 'A foundation-hatched black elite’: Obama, the US establishment and foreign policy. special issue of International Politics., 54 (Issue). pp. 373-388. ISSN 1384-5748.

Merchant, P. (2017) Review of Colleen M. Conway, "Sex and slaughter in the tent of Jael: a cultural history of a biblical story," New York: Oxford UP, 2017. Nineteenth Century Gender Studies, 13 (2). ISSN 1556-7524.

Mitchell, M. (2017) Hidden in full view: a subliminal reading of The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield. English Studies. ISSN 0013-838X.

Murray, L. and Overall, S. (2017) Moving around children’s fiction: agentic and impossible mobilities. Mobilities. ISSN 1745-0101.

Norman, R. P. (2017) "Ascetic co-operation": Henry Scott Holland and Gerard Manley Hopkins. Collingwood and British Idealism Studies, 23 (1). pp. 67-96. ISSN 1744-9413.

Oulton, C. (2017) British seaside fiction. Literary Encyclopedia, 1.2.1. (05). ISSN 1747-678X.

Oulton, C. (2017) Jerome K. Jerome, sexual panic and degeneration at the fin de siècle. Structo, 17.

Oulton, C. (2017) ‘Making literature ridiculous’: Jerome K. Jerome and the new humour. Dickens Studies Annual: Essays on Victorian Fiction, 48. pp. 273-284. ISSN 0084-9812.

Overall, S. (2017) Walkshop and soundshot – a dérive and participatory performance. PARtake: The Journal of Performance as Research, 1 (2). pp. 42-46. ISSN 2472-0860.

Rhodes, D. (2017) Black water rising. Cemetery Dance Magazine (76). pp. 8-13.

Rhodes, D. (2017) Border Country. Black Static (56). pp. 28-37. ISSN 1753-0709.

Seaman, A. (2017) Further research on a predictive model of early medieval settlement location: exploring the use of field-names as proxy data. Medieval Settlement Research, 32. ISSN 2046-5211.

Smith, Philip and Goodrum, M. (2017) “Corpses … coast to coast!” Trauma, gender, and race in 1950s horror comics. Literature Compass, 14 (9). pp. 1-15. ISSN 1741-4113.

Sweetinburgh, S. (2017) Shepsters, Hucksters and other Businesswomen: female involvement in Canterbury's fifteenth-century economy. Archaeologia Cantiana, 138. pp. 179-200. ISSN 0066-5894.

Sweetinburgh, S. (2017) Those who marched with Faunt: reconstructing the Canterbury rebels of 1471. Southern History, 39. ISSN 0142-4688. (In Press)

Williams, Ellie, Weinstock, J. and Spencer, N. (2017) Holey goats: multiple cases of supratrochlear foramina in the humerus of caprines from the New Kingdom pharaonic town of Amara West, northern Sudan. Environmental Archaeology: Journal of Human Palaeoecology. ISSN 1461-4103.

Book Section

Bintley, M. (2017) Beacons of belief: seasonal change and sacred trees in Britain from prehistory to the later Middle Ages. In: Bintley, M., Locker, M., Symons, V. and Wellesley, M., eds. Stasis in the Medieval West?: Questioning Change and Continuity. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 27-45 ISBN 9781349950331

Bintley, M. (2017) 'How deserted lies the city, once so full of people': the reclamation of intramural space in Anglo-Saxon lIterature. In: Boulton, M., Hawkes, J. and Stoner, H., eds. Place and Space in the Medieval World. New York: Routledge. pp. 63-73 ISBN 9781138220201

Diemling, M. (2017) Konversion und ihre Erforschung – historisch betrachtet. In: Moser, M. and Geist, M., eds. Meine Persönliche Reformation: Warum ich konvertiert bin. Styria. ISBN 9783222135569

Diemling, M. (2017) Patronage, representation and conversion: Victor von Carben (1423-1515) and his social networks. In: Adams, J. and Hess, C., eds. Revealing the Secrets of the Jews: Johannes Pfefferkorn and Christian Writings about Jewish Life and Literature in Early Modern Europe. Berlin: de Gruyter. pp. 157-181 ISBN 9783110524345

Eales, J. (2017) Religion in times of war and Republic, 1642-1660. In: Hiscock, A. and Wilcox, H., eds. The Oxford Handbook of Early Modern Literature and Religion. Oxford: Oxford University Press. pp. 84-101 ISBN 9780199672806

Hicks, L. (2017) The use of space and the religious life at Le Bec. In: Pohl, B. and Gathagan, L., eds. A Companion to the Abbey of Le Bec in the Central Middle Ages (11th-13th Centuries). Brill's Companions to European History (13). Leiden: Brill. pp. 278-306 ISBN 9789004349933

Overall, S. (2017) The walking dead, or why psychogeography matters. In: Voss, A. and Wilson, S., eds. Re-enchanting the Academy. Rubedo Press. ISBN 9781943710133

Prince, S. (2017) Conflict and violence in the early Northern-Irish troubles. In: UNSPECIFIED, ed. Critical Contexts: Terrorism. Cambridge University Press. (In Press)

Symons, V., Wellesley, M. and Bintley, M. (2017) Introduction: Stasis in the Medieval West?: Questioning change and continuity. In: Bintley, M., Locker, M., Symons, V. and Wellesley, M., eds. Stasis in the Medieval West?: Questioning Change and Continuity. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 1-26 ISBN 9781349950331

Conference or Workshop Item

Merchant, P. (2017) "Mary Ward's 'Lady Connie' (1916) and the Decay of Only Connecting". In: Women Writers of the 1900s and 1910s, 10-11 July 2017, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Merchant, P. (2017) "Not drowning but waving: the preservation of Annie Bonus' 'River-Reeds' (1866)". In: Sixth International Conference on Literary Juvenilia, 5th-8th July, 2018, St John's College, Durham.

Oulton, C. (2017) 'From “Boy” to “Britain”: popular fiction and the Folkestone Free Library 1881-1902'. In: Institutions of Literature: Institutions as Curators workshop, March 2017, Glasgow.

Oulton, C. (2017) ‘Reading, ephemera and the seaside library’. In: Victorian Popular Fiction Association conference, 19-21 July 2017, London. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. (2017) Crater to mound. In: Crater to Mound, 4th November 2017, Sidney Cooper Centre, Canterbury.

Overall, S. (2017) Don't walk that way: why heritage sites need psychogeography. In: TAG 2017, 18-20 December 2017, Cardiff University. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. (2017) Looking though psychogeography-tinted glasses: walking, reading and writing place. In: English Literature & Creative and Professional Writing Research Forum, 1st March 2017, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Overall, S. (2017) Reimagining place: creative walking, writing and reading. In: RC21 Leeds: Rethinking Urban Global Justice, 11-13 Sept 2017, University of Leeds. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. (2017) Walking with Riddley. In: A Sense of Place, 22-23 June 2017, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Overall, S. (2017) Walkshop and soundshot - Wealden Literary Festival. In: Walkshop & Soundshot, 16th July 2017, Woodchurch TN26 3RA.

Overall, S. and Bintley, M. (2017) O what we ben! discovering post-apocalyptic landscapes in Andreas and Riddley Walker. In: Being Human Festival 2017, November 2017.

Overall, S. (2017) Drift Deck interactive workshop. In: Drift Deck Public Workshop, 12th October 2017, Kentish Town, London. (Unpublished)


Burton, D. (2017) Buddhism: a contemporary philosophical investigation. Routledge. ISBN 9780415789141.

Humphries, A. F. (2017) D.H. Lawrence, transport and cultural transition: 'A great sense of journeying.'. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan. ISBN 9783319508105.

Edited Book

Anstey, F., Merchant, P., ed. (2017) The statement of Stella Maberly. Richmond, VA: Valancourt Books. ISBN 9781943910618.

Bintley, M., Locker, M., Symons, V. and Wellesley, M., eds. (2017) Stasis in the Medieval West?: questioning change and continuity. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9781349950331.


Billaud, R. (2017) The Lord Edward and the County of Chester: Lordship and community, 1254-1272. Ph.D. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Boston, J. (2017) A comparative analysis of economic empowerment within the African-Caribbean Pentecostal Church. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Cummins, T. (2017) Were the early years of the North American fur trade a golden age for indigenous communities? (1590-1701). M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Dursley, J. (2017) Publicising sovereignty: a study of sovereignty during the late Interregnum and early Restoration periods through propaganda and polemic. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Gibson, Craig (2017) Surfing and spirituality: sociological interpretations of spirituality in the Christian surfing subculture in the United Kingdom. M.Sc. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Heyning, E. (2017) Star music: the ancient idea of cosmic music as a philosophical paradox. M.Phil. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Jarvis, R. (2017) Baronial women in thirteenth-century Lincolnshire. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Jones, S.J. (2017) Politics is (almost) personal: writing in the war on terror. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Kersey, H. (2017) Aristocratic female inheritance and property holding in thirteenth-century England. Ph.D. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Kiley, R. (2017) An examination of the internal party debate over the need for ‘modernisation’ within the Conservative Party 1997-2015. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Loveridge, A. (2017) Historical, fictional and illustrative readings of the vivisected body 1873-1913. Ph.D. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Lucas, E. (2017) Discrimination against Dalits in contemporary India: affirmative action, religious conversions and women’s activism as responses to caste-based social injustice. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

O'Riordan, J. (2017) The end of the Marian Restoration and the early Elizabethan Reformation in Canterbury. C.1557-1565. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Periton, C. (2017) Education, the development of numeracy & dissemination of Hindu-Arabic numerals in early modern Kent. Ph.D. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Rowley, M. (2017) The Phoenix with an Eagle’s wings: an analysis of the Phoenix/Phung Hoang Programme, 1967-1975. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Rutherford, J. (2017) White space: hegemonic representations of American Indians. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Stracey, H. (2017) ‘Enfer des femmes’: Britain and the Ravensbrück-Hamburg Trials. M.A. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Taylor, Katrina (2017) The acute and chronic effects of isometric exercise on haemodynamic, autonomic and cardiac function in a pre-hypertensive population. Ph.D. thesis, Canterbury Christ Church University.


Overall, S. (2017) Mishtory Tour. In: Mishtory Tour, 9-10 Sept 2017, Huddersfield, UK. [Show/Exhibition] (Submitted)


Beckford, R. (2017) Pay back. [Video]


Beckford, R. (2017) Jamaican bible remixed. [Audio]

Beckford, R. and Bean, T. (2017) Jamaican bible remix. [Audio]


Overall, S. (2017) Drift deck. n/a. (Unpublished)

Overall, S. (2017) Orcadian graffiti. Royal Geographical Society.

Watts, M. (2017) Review of Martin Sugarman, 'Jews in the Merchant Navy in the second world war - lost voices.'. Journal of Modern Jewish Studies. (Unpublished)

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