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To deposit items in the repository, first access the Canterbury Research and Theses Environment (CReaTE). This can be accessed at - which will open in a new window.

You can also access CReaTE via StaffNet (from the ‘Academic’ menu) or via the University homepage, by clicking on the ‘Research and Consultancy’ tab and clicking on the CReaTE link; or via the Library and Learning Resources webpages.

To log in to CReaTE, select ‘Login’ from the left-hand menu and enter your usual CCCU computing username and password. Once logged in, add an item by clicking on the ‘New Item’ icon (see below).

1. Select item type

Select the type of item you are depositing. The item type selected determines what details you will need to enter further on in the process. Once you have chosen the appropriate option, click ‘Next’ at the top of the web form.

2. Add a new document

Here you can upload any full text documents or files you wish to deposit in CReaTE. Publishers' permissions regarding depositing articles in repositories will be checked before the item goes live but if you would like to check these you can do so via Sherpa/Romeo: simply enter the journal title in the search box.

When the item has uploaded, click ‘Next’.

3. Add details

The starred fields are mandatory and must be completed in order for you to proceed. If you can provide additional information (e.g. which issue of the journal, any official URLs, etc.) that would be helpful, but it is not essential that you do so.

It is possible to add more than one division if you are working across schools, centres or departments. To do this, press and hold Ctrl at the same time as selecting the relevant divisions:

Please note that it is now mandatory for the REF to add an ‘Accepted’ date (the date the item was accepted for publication) for journal articles and conference proceedings published as articles (i.e. in a publication with an ISSN).

4. Select subject area

You can select the relevant subject area for the material. This can be done by browsing the list or using the search box. Click ‘Add’ to add a subject.

If you are unsure which subject[s] to apply to your item, this step can be left for CReaTE staff.

5. Deposit

This will move the item into the Review area of the repository where it will await checking by a member of the CReaTE team. If you have uploaded a file, CReaTE staff will check it for permissions and copyright compliance before making the item live in the repository. This may require contact with the copyright holder which could impact upon the speed with which items are added.

Items are normally processed within a few days of deposit, although this could take longer during busy periods.

If you have any further queries, please contact the CReaTE repository team at

For details of our policies, please see the CReaTE repository document [PDF 496KB].


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